Downsizing & Liquidation

    ISA Personal Property Appraiser & Teams of  Professionals

Then we'll make the process of letting go as easy, low stress, and rewarding as possible.

Our ISA Personal Property Appraiser will then evaluate your unique situation and lay out a customized plan of action. She will evaluate high to mid-range items for potential resale and brokering on a wide range of platforms including regional, national and international auction houses, private buyers and galleries, local consignment and more. Resale avenues for remaining household belongings may include estate sales, "in-house" auctions, private buyers and/or consignment. If items will be retained by you or family members, SES also offers moving services including sorting, packing, and the arrangement of movers. We will offer a coordinated plan to determine the best direction for downsizing or liquidating and also for moving your belongings.  |  206.799.3270  |