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Auction Services

Our Personal Property Appraiser may slate many high to mid-value and unique items to go to international auction. At Sterling, an Appraiser assesses, researches and writes up your items for auction and then our photographer takes it from there, creating quality images to present your pieces at their best. We then partner with Live Auctioneers, a world-renowned international auction platform, to showcase your items for auction throughout the entire world. Live Auctioneers connects to over 13 million bidders from 173 countries through desktop, mobile-friendly browsing, and their iOS and Android apps.

Interested in learning more about what sells well on international auction sites?

The following list includes items that are typically well suited for auction. Some of them may surprise you as there is actually a wide range of items suitable for auction in today’s marketplace. This is not an exhaustive list and is only intended to give general guidelines:

Original artwork by listed artists, antiques including Americana, Victoriana, Arts & Crafts, and Art Deco, antique and vintage ethnographic items including Asian, Native American, Middle Eastern, African, etc., some Mid-Century Modern items, some Retro items (60s/70s/80s), sterling silver items, some marked vintage and contemporary glass, antique toys, train and automobile memorabilia, wartime memorabilia, some signed sports memorabilia, antique signage, designer clothing and accessories, high end watches, some fine & antique jewelry, some marked costume jewelry, some musical instruments, some vintage posters, some lamps, some books.

For more information as to whether your items are well suited for International Auction, contact our Personal Property Appraiser at 206-799-3270.

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