Are you looking to find the value of your belongings, whether for resale, estate division, or for your own personal knowledge?

Are you overwhelmed with your belongings?

Are you looking for assistance in figuring out what items to keep, sell or donate? 

The value of any single item in our culture is constantly shifting and is dependent on society's perceived desirability of that item at any given time. One of the core tasks at Sterling Estates is to keep up with these cultural trends and to communicate this knowledge to our clients.

Assessments involve identifying, evaluating, and researching belongings, whether a few items or an entire estate, to determine current market values. We have become a culture that inherently accumulates more and more stuff. And at a certain point, many people need assistance in figuring out not only which of their items have resale value, but also whether or not they want to keep certain items or what they want to do with them. We are here to assist in that process.

At Sterling Estates, we have extensive experience in assessing a wide range of items including art, antiques, jewelry, glass, and ceramics as well as collectibles. We specialize in fine art and higher-end antiques.

For an hourly rate, we can not only help you determine the value of your higher end items, but can also assess the best avenue for those items that do not meet the price threshold to make online sales worthwhile. We primarily do assessments via digital photographs and Zoom, so we are able to work with you regardless of where you may be located. In person assessments are available on a case-by-case basis. Additional fees may apply.

A note about traditional estate sales: Although most people are familiar with estate sales as a primary sales method, in reality they are not generally the most effective platform for selling mid to higher-end items. Estate sales can be a useful avenue for selling large items such as furniture, and lower priced general household items. Through our assessment services, we can evaluate your situation to determine if an estate sale is in your best interest, and offer alternatives.

Please Also Note: No formal appraisal will be delivered. In providing assessments, Sterling Estate Services and its representatives are not acting as formal appraisers, but as consultants to determine resale potential for items at market (orderly liquidation) value. Any assessment documentation provided is meant solely as a summary of estimated value ranges. These ranges are determined by researching current sales for comparable items in comparable sales venues. Sterling Estate Services makes no guarantees that items will sell or that they will sell within the given value ranges.

For more information about our assessment services, contact us via the Contact page or the Contact button below.,