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On-Line Sales

We are in the midst of an on-line sales revolution and many items are particularly suited for on-line sales venues such as eBay, Etsy and other well-known sales sites including easily recognizable collectibles, memorabilia and marked vintage items.

Interested in learning more about what sells well on on-line?

The following list includes items that are currently selling well on-line. There are a huge range of items suitable for on-line sales, and the list below is only intended to give general guidelines:

Vintage & Retro collectibles (toys, action figures, trains, etc.), especially in their original boxes, Mid-Century (1950s) and some Retro (1960s/70s/80s) decorative items, high-end clothing and accessories, vintage concert t-shirts and posters, some vintage clothing and accessories, some marked costume jewelry, some marked vintage glass and pottery, some signed sports memorabilia, automotive memorabilia, wartime memorabilia, some electronics (including vintage), Lego sets, some video games, some books and records, some antique/vintage postcards and ephemera, some vintage and antique holiday items. Anything rare or hard to find tends to do well on on-line.

For more information as to whether your items are well suited for on-line sales, contact our Personal Property Appraiser at 206-799-3270.

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