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 Assessments & Sorting

Are you looking to find the value of your belongings,
whether for resale, estate division,
or for your own personal knowledge?

Are you overwhelmed with your belongings?
Are you looking for assistance in figuring out
what items to keep, sell or donate?


The value of any single item in our culture is constantly shifting and is dependent on society's perceived desirability of that item at any given time. One of the core tasks of a Personal Property Appraiser is to keep up with these cultural trends and to communicate this knowledge to their clients.


Estate assessments involve identifying, evaluating and researching belongings, whether a few items or an entire estate, to determine current market values. It can also involve assistance in sorting through a large volume of items if needed. We have become a culture that inherently accumulates more and more stuff. And at a certain point, many people need assistance in figuring out not only which of their items have resale value, but also whether or not they want to keep certain items or what they want to do with them. We are here to assist in that sorting process.


If you decide that it is time to let certain items go, we can guide you to the best resale venues. In our technological age, opportunities for resale have expanded. But not every item is going to be successful in every resale venue. Many downsizing & liquidation companies emphasize their specific niche and selling everything within that niche, because that is the area they deal in. At Sterling Estate Services, we are unique as we are not advocating any single way of selling your belongings. Instead, we strive to match each item with its best resale venue.

Generally speaking, our Appraiser evaluates high to mid-range items for potential sale on a number of platforms including on-line sales, international auction, private buyers and galleries and/or local consignment. For general household items, a traditional estate sale may be the best direction. Each situation is unique and again, we will create a plan that addresses your specific wishes including time-frames, privacy issues, and your ultimate goals.

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